Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jerry Goldsmith - Our Man Flint (Original Soundtrack) (1966)

This Sunday's soundtrack is Jerry Goldsmith's wonderful Our Man Flint.

1.    Our Man Flint
2.    Never Mind, You'd Love It
3.    It's Gotta Be A World Record
4.    Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone
5.    Take Some Risks, Mr Flint
6.    Tell Me More About That Volcano
7.    You're A Foolish Man, Mr Flint
8.    In Like Flint
9.    Doing As The Romans Did
10.  Galaxy A Go-Go - Or Leave it To Flint
11.  All I Have To Do Is Take A Bite Of Your Apple
12.  Stall! Stall! Stall! Flint's Alive

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