Friday, February 18, 2011

Chim Kothari - The Sound Of Sitar (1966)

It has to be said that our Chim is no Lord Sitar, but this is still an interesting album to listen to.  There are a couple of his own compositions thrown in for good measure too.

Alternative download link

1.    Strangers In The Night
2.    Winchester Cathedral
3.    The Carnival Is Over
4.    Barsaat - "Rain"
5.    Eleanor Rigby
6.    La Playa
7.    Downtown
8.    Guantanamera
9.    You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
10.  Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo
11.  Bhigmagon Ka Mela - "Beggar's Festival"
12.  The Sound Of Music
13.  Looking Through The Eyes Of Love
14.  Cast Your Fate To The Wind

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